11 Tips On Writing In Your Journal.


Lately, I have had a lot of people ask me more and more about journal-ling and why do I do it.

I was searching for answers for challenge I was facing so I booked in with a tarot card reader. (https://www.facebook.com/oborioshealing/) Adrienne told me to start journal-ling my thoughts as I needed to clear my head to make room for new ideas.

After I finished our reading I asked myself, “Journal-ling? How do I even start? What do I write? What is even the point of this?”

The universe works in such a funny way. After that reading more and more successful people were on social media talking about journal-ling and how it helps them. However no matter where I looked I could not find any questions I should be asking myself while journal-ling!

After searching multiple platforms, I came across a few recurring questions that highly successful people ask themselves everyday. So now, I would like to share them with you and why I ask these questions every single day.

1: Write out reaffirming statements.
The power of “I am” is INSANE! Seriously. Many leaders will tell you that what you say, is what you become. “I am fat, I am ugly, I am a failure.’ If this is something you are telling yourself, no wonder you are not where you want to be in life! So start writing statements you want to believe! The more and more you write them, the more and more you believe them. Some of my favourites at the moment are as followed.


I am valued in my community.

I am worthy of all of my desires.

I am a successful entrepreneur.

I am devoted to my souls purpose.


There are so many more. If you are a little unsure on where to start, go onto Pinterest and search “Affirmations.” You will find a bunch there! Remember to choose wisely. Only select the ones that really help you!

2: Write 3 things I am grateful in life as a whole as well as 3 things I am grateful for when it comes to money.
In every negative situation there is a positive. For example when I lost my Nonna, whom I was very close to. The gratitude in that challenge was the support I had from my husband. I was and still am grateful for how well he handled me at my worst. Find the gratitude in everyday. It can be as simple as the fact you are alive, food on your plate, or a smile from a stranger.
The reason I also write 3 reasons I am grateful for money is because, money is our friend, not our enemy. When we start to believe this we realise that the money we have has made us capable of some many things. For example, you are one of the lucky people that get the chance to read this blog from a device that I am sure is costing you money every month or a couple of hundred in one investment. So give thanks to what money is doing for you. It has put food on your plate, a roof over your head, fresh water. The least you can do is give thanks to it. 🙂

3: 3 things I value in myself.
This one may not be for everyone. If you are someone who doesn’t feel valued or worthy for anything. Then I highly recommend doing this. If you know your worth, move on to number 4.
These are things that you give to the world. For example, I value my passion to help women feel beautiful. That is something extremely valuable about myself. You might feel like you are a valuable mother to your children because of your maternal instinct.


4: Ask myself, “What do I need to let go of?”
Journal-ling is not always for rainbows and butterflies. It’s a place where you can be true to you without feeling judgement. So if you are mad at your husband for leaving dirty clothes on the floor. Write it in your journal and let it go. It allows you to vent without causing an argument. Even if there are things that have happened to you from a long time ago you still haven’t let go of, write it down and tell yourself it’s time to let go.


5: Visualising my future.
Do you believe in the power of manifestation? Is there certain things you really want to happen in your life? Use your journal to describe a moment in your life you would like to have as a reality. I did this for the house I live in and the studio I work from. I described it to a T and it fits the main things I visualised. It can be the way you visualise your wedding, your dream home, the moment you tell your partner you’re pregnant, getting a promotion at work. Whatever you want it to be.


6: Ask myself, “How can I be of service today?”
This is mainly for my business. However you can use this for everyday life as well.
Example, if I know I am shooting a boudoir session, I can be of service by making sure my client feels absolutely beautiful. You can be in service of reading your child a bedtime story. Doing something extra special for your partner, giving your coin to a charity box. This is a great way to keep yourself accountable to show up as the best version of yourself.

7: Ask myself, “If I was doing what I love, what would it be?”
I am a huge believer in filling your calendar with “HECK YES!” rather than no’s. So this comes in handy to remind myself what I am doing everyday is what I love doing, rather than what I don’t love doing.

8: Ask myself, “How can I lead my life today?”
What are the goals you are wanting to achieve? Ask yourself what can you do today in order to get closer to that goal. Then when you have done your journal entry, go and do that thing!

9: Ask myself, “Where am I holding myself back?”
I ask this question to myself when I feel like I am living in fear and listening to that bad bitch in my head. This is a great reminder to remember the importance in life.

10: Ask myself, “How can i support my community?”

It all depends who you class as your community. It could be your kids school, your neighbourhood, your clients, your family. Ask yourself, how can you support them better?
In my Self Love Club Facebook Group, I ask them once a week, “If I can help you with anything today, what can it be?”
This is a way I support my community.

11: Ask myself, “Who am I?”
2017 has been about who I am, and making sure I am aligned with my core identity. Which is a work in progress. This is a great question to remind myself of who I really am and staying in my truth no matter who is around.

So there you have it, my 11 tips for journaling! You don’t have to answer these every single time you journal however they are a good start! I recommend journaling in the morning as it sets you up for a great day. You can also journal at night especially about what you would like to let go of so you have a better sleep. If you are like me and have a brain that works on over drive, journaling at night can help you unload the noise in your head so you can unwind before bed.

I would love to hear how journal-ling has helped you! ❤

Love and hi-fives.

Rhi. xo

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